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The 2016 Academic Year and later

29th Jul. 2017

We enjoyed a BBQ party at Sakaki Park in the campus.

21st Apr. 2017

We had a welcome party for the new members.

4th Apr. 2017

9 undergraduate students joined in our lab.

23rd Mar. 2017

The commencement ceremony was held in AiPraza Toyohashi.

24th Feb. 2017

We had a farewell party for the student who will graduate in next month.

26th Dec. 2016

We had a trip to enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

22nd Dec. 2016

After the presentations of undergraduate theses, we had a year-end party.

10-11th Dec. 2016

"The 6th NIT-TUT Joint Symposium on Solar Cells" under Cooperative Project of TUT with National College of Technology was held at The National Institute of Technology, Oyama College.
Takuya Sakai (M2) and Kairi Shimizu (M2) gave presentations.

17th Nov. 2016

We enjoyed Nabe (hot-pot dishes) party.

1st-2nd Sep. 2015

Takamichi Yamamoto (M1) gave a presentation in the 134th Meeting of
The Surface Finishing Society of Japan held at Tohoku University.

27th Aug. 2016

We introduced our lab activity to the visitors in the Open Campus.

2016年7月29日 29th Jul. 2016

We had a workshop for learning English efficiently.

18th Apr. 2016

We had a lunch party with Myanmar foods made by Ms. Aye Myint Moh.

15th Apr. 2016

We had a welcome party for the new members.

5th Apr. 2016

9 undergraduate students joined in our lab.

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